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Please Help me build 4 homes for families in need

$225.00 raised
GOAL: $450.00

Hello everyone!

This page was created to help me raise enough money to be a part of Transformation Trip 7.0 to Tijuana, Mexico.

We will be building 4 homes for families in dire need. We will also be installing a solar lighting/charging system and water purification filter in each of the 4 homes.

The trip is organized by The Change a Heart Foundation. 

The Change a Heart Foundation is my friend's 501(c)(3) registered non-profit. 

Our primary goal is to be able to improve the overall quality of life for the families who will be receiving the home. In most cases, the families are homeless or living in a makeshift home that they are paying rent for. These homes are rent free. As stated above, we will also be installing solar lighting/charging systems in each home. Most times, the families do not have enough money to afford clean drinking water, so they are forced to use water from local rivers or watering holes. Of course, these sources of water are unsafe at put the health of the family at risk. Because of this risk each home will also receive a water purification system. 

Essentially, you take a family living on the streets, build them a home, and empower them with simple yet effective tools to build the foundation for their future.On top of that, they are saving money each month that they can apply towards meals, necessities, and education.

However, none of this is possible without YOUR help!

If you feel led to donate, please do so here on this page. Every little bit counts!

Also, for a better sense of what these trips are all about, please watch this video from their last trip: 

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