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please Help us Restore dignity and change lives

$330.00 raised
GOAL: $200.00

Please Watch, "The Light House" Prototype video below:

Family and friends:

I'm joining a team of individuals who are coming together to raise awareness and money to build a prototype of a mobile home for the homeless. A friend of mine needs help raising the funds needed in order to build the first one and I'm trying to do my part to help. If you feel led to, you can help me reach my goal by contributing to our cause below.

What is the "Light House?"

In short, the "Light House" is a 4' tall, 4' wide and 8' long mobile home for the homeless (on heavy duty wheels).The video above explains it in much greater detail but for starters, it was designed to help the homeless revive hope, restore dignity and rediscover their purpose. Aside from a safe, secure and fully insulated house, the "Light House" is packed with features that provide each recipient with all the necessities to take their life to the next level.

List of features:

- Fully insulated - Keeps them warm and protects from bugs and animals

- Wheel and door locks for extra security

- Solar Panel, battery, battery charger and solar flashlight (keeps all electronics powered)

- Single Burner Stove - Includes a thermoelectric pot and griddle to keep electronics powered + hot food

- Portable Hot Shower System - Assembly takes 2 minutes - Private - Restores dignity and sanitation

- LED Lighting (powered by batteries that are charged by the solar panel

- Portable Wash Machine (Comparable to a machine wash after 3 minutes of scrubbing)

- 1 month supply of food and water

- Resource packet (county wide resources available to the homeless).

- List of job listings in the area

- Motivational reading material

- and much more

How much do they cost?

- After we develop our first prototype, purchase the necessary tools, etc. we will be able to keep the cost of our "Light Houses" under $1,000.

- A bare bones model (shelter only) will cost less than $500

"Light House" vs Tiny House

- 1 "Light House" will cost $1,000 while a Tiny House cost between $25,000 - $30,000

- Would you rather help 10 people or 300?

- The "Light House" bypasses all politics. No land needed. Funded by donors, not taxpayers. 

- The "Light House" does not require a trailer to be transported. One simply has to push them to move it.

- We're partnering with local non-profits to see who needs them the most

How can you help? 

- Donate on this page

- Become a volunteer fundraiser

- Spread the word (share the video and this page on social media + word of mouth)


Who's donating

  • Joseph Boswell
    donated 2015-06-17 08:37:01 -0700
  • P N
    donated 2015-06-16 22:15:58 -0700