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    Just made a donation to The Change a Heart Foundation, Be a part of something positive, donate now!


    $10,667.00 raised
    GOAL: $1,900.00

    A CHF WORLDCHANGER is a Monthly Donor who is committed to empowering CHF to carry out, execute, and expand our mission. In short, WORLDCHANGERS are what enable CHF and its volunteers to do what they do best: Utilize their gifts to love and serve others while implementing life-changing/saving sustainable solutions worldwide.

    When you become a WORLDCHANGER, you become a part of our CHF FAMILY.

    As a WORLDCHANGER, you are part of a team of men, women, and children from all different backgrounds and beliefs, who are committed to changing the world through love, compassion, and action. Once you commit to becoming a WORLDCHANGER, we'll keep you in the loop with all things CHF. We don't view our contributors as donors, we view them as family!


    Creating change on a global scale requires massive participation, collaboration, and action. Without the financial support of people like YOU, we are simply unable to carry out our life-saving and world-changing initiatives. Our hope is that you join us on our journey of transforming the world one heart at a time.

    Do you want to contribute to something larger than yourself to help change and save lives all across the world? Do you want to take a stand against fear, hate, and division? Do you want to cast your vote for love, compassion, unity, and radical transformation? We at Change a Heart Foundation are committed to doing just that for the rest of our lives.

    Will you join us on this journey to help make an immeasurable, yet everlasting, difference in this world. We cannot do this alone, we need YOUR help!


    Whether you contribute $5 a month or $500, every dollar you contribute helps us transform hearts, save lives, and change the world. 


    Sign up today and start changing the world tomorrow!


    As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, your monthly contribution is tax-deductible. Each month, you'll automatically receive an e-mail confirmation and receipt once your contribution is processed.




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    Just made a donation to The Change a Heart Foundation

    Want to help us transform hearts and change the world?

    As you can tell, our website is under construction, but it is fully functional. We are looking forward to presenting The Change a Heart Foundation to the world in the coming weeks. Below, you can see some of the transformational work we have done in the past few months. 

    Listed below are some of our upcoming projects. If you feel led to contribute, please do so below.

    * In the coming months, we are trying to finish financing our water well in Madagascar, Africa. Currently, we are $3,100 short of our $5,100 goal. The water well is going to change 1,000 + lives and transform an entire community for years to come. 

    * In September, we are leading a team of 20+ individuals back to Mexico for our 8th "Transformation Trip" to help build 6 more homes for families in need. In the past year, we have been able to build 7 homes because of our generous donors, teammates, and partners. Transformation Trip 8.0 is our largest project to date and we are actively looking for individuals and corporations to sponsor the 6 homes.

    * In the coming months, we'll also be building more "Light Houses." In short, a "Light House" is a revolutionary portable shelter for our brothers and sisters living outdoors. Equipped with solar power, a portable shower, a tablet, pillow, blanket, and more, the "Light House" is an affordable and effective way of removing our brothers and sisters from the elements, and placing them in a safe and stable environment to help them restore dignity and rediscover their purpose all while acting as a home base as they transition back into society. 


    If you'd like to become a monthly sponsor/"World Changer" please click here:


    ***If you have any troubles donating, please text me (Todd) at 831-905-0482

    ***All donations are tax-deductible and you'll receive a receipt of your donation upon completing your donation.

    THANK YOU and God Bless!



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